Way Beyond Weight – Official Version

Way Beyond Weight este un documentar despre obezitate – cea mai mare epidemie din istorie, care afecteaza inclusiv copiii – filmat in 2013. In intreaga lume, din Brazilia pana in Kuwait, obezitatea la copii devine foarte des intalnita, acestia prezentand probleme de respiratie, probleme cardiace, diferite tipuri de diabet, depresie – toate in legatura cu excesul ponderal. Puteti sa-l vizionati pe siteul oficial aici sau in linkul de mai jos.

Because there’s nothing that we do numerous times a day in our whole life besides eat. We may not read numerous times a day, we certainly may not do algebra numerous times a day, we probably don’t do science numerous times a day, but what we do numerous times a day, for every single day of our lives, is eating. And that should be just as important in educational experience for our children as reading, writing and arithmetic.

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